Sonic Sight


Finn Arild and Reidar met each other in junior high school and immediately hit it off musically with the same passion for music that no-one else seemed to like at the time. This was in the days you were defined by being into either punk, synthpop or metal. What they were into wasn't yet called progressive rock, if anything, it was called symphonic rock (or boring weird stuff by their contemporaries).

They were also both musicians - Reidars granny was the local pianoteacher, and he was an accomplished keyboard player already then, and maybe even more importantly - had his own keyboard. Finn Arild started playing guitar when he was six, and had 4 years of frustrating a classical guitar tutor into teaching him something else than Bach. By this time he had gotten an eletric guitar and a 10watt Peavey amp. 

Over thirty years later they are back together again with this new band and new album. Finn Arild plays guitars, bass, keyboards and sings, while Reidar does all the drums, the piano parts and the keyboards Finn Arild didn't do. Anthropology is out November 1st. Keep watching this space!